Everything works and looks great. Very satisfied with the service and will always continue to use Angry Dog for all my I.T. Service needs!!!

Joshua Banks
BASF Chemical Company
Angry Dog IT delivers one stop shopping to busy small business owners.
Not only does ADIT aptly provide IT support for our server and workstations, they have been able to offer extremely competitive offset printing and source internet and phone service providers to provide better service at a lower cost. Make the switch.

Jessica Neese
InBloom Landscaping
I just want to thank Chance and his extremly friendly team for always being so responsive and ontop of all my computer problems!  I can always count on these guys for a quick response and a prompt answer.  Their detail-oriented business sense is better than any I have dealt with.  I would strongly recommend these guys to any and everyone!

Brooke Bembridge
Art Foundry
There are few things as sensitive as running a campaign for office.  Allow me to tell you of my experience with Angry Dog.  I have the utmost confidence with this well-oiled machine.  I have received incredible support and  service with a complete range of social media from the campaign web page at www.HaydenCollins.org to Facebook, MySpace and Blog networking.  Things change fast on the campaign trail....especially in these trying times.  With Angry Dog, I have a dedicated, personal representative that is immediately responsive via cell phone or text.  Changes have been made on the fly with very flexible scheduling and organization.  I highly recommend Angry Dog if you really want confidence in your technology support services.  Thanks for your Angry Dog  can-do attitude!

Hayden Collins
Campaign to Elect Hayden Collins
I had not had antivirus installed on my computer for at least 7 months due to the fact that my college no longer provided it. Angry Dog ran virus scans through-out my computer, and they removed over 300 viruses! They did this all remotely and were very flexible with my schedule. My computer runs great now, and is much faster. Great job guys, thank you so much!

Casey Smith
Berry College
We cannot put into words how grateful we are to have Angry Dog on top of our IT needs. Before our switch to Angry Dog, we had multiple issues with our network. Not only have they resolved all those issues, but they have implemented procedures to keep other problems from arising. If there is an IT Service Company any better, God kept it for himself.

Thanks Angrydog! Great Job!

Phillip Gaines, Owner
Hi-Tech Signs
“CMA Agency, Inc has relied on Angry Dog for over a decade to keep our computer network operational and efficient. Angry Dog is great about answering our questions, helping us select products and doing the hands-on configuration to make sure ALL of our twenty-six different vendor applications work in harmony. Angry Dog has been instrumental in attaining our goals to create a secure business network and an accessible web presence for our agency. Angry Dog has helped us to successfully implement new technologies and we rely on their experience and expertise to keep our system running smoothly.”

Ginny Johnston, Operations Manager
CMA Agency, Inc.
“We have relied on Angry Dog for literally EVERY technology need imaginable since 1998. They brought certain technology concerns to my attention that never even occurred to me. For starters, we were spending way too much on our voice, data, web hosting, and email bills. They can even review your power bill to find out if you are on the most appropriate and cost-efficient plan. I’ve never even heard of that from an I.T. provider before! They supervised and managed multiple vendors to connect to our new Voice over IP circuits from CBeyond. They even call me, and send a follow up email when my servers go down over the weekend during storms. By the time I read the email, they have already safely shut down our servers, waited for the storm to pass, and powered them back on properly. I am especially thrilled by their VCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer) service. In addition, prior to Angry Dog, I had no formal business technology strategic or budgetary guidelines. They prepare and help me to understand my technology strategy, business continuity, disaster recovery, and HIPAA Compliance plans. They make me look AMAZINGLY good to the CEO of our company. The best part is all of these services are included with their Managed Services Plan. In Angry Dog we trust!”.

Tim Taylor, Technology Director
Benefit Support, Inc.
This year we experienced a complete network outage. Our entire network, which included our server, multiple workstations, AND our printers failed to operate properly. You can imagine how quickly the line of patients trying to check in to the front office grew! We called upon Angry Dog to help us resolve this emergency.

A team of I.T. professionals quickly arrived, and they catered to our concerns and evaluated our network structure. The list of problems we handed them was resolved in fifty-one minutes! After that, they provided their input and expertise on ways to prevent these problems in the future. Then, they studied our current operational bills, and rapidly made a recommendation on cost effective ways to substantially reduce our overhead operating costs. They reduced our I.T. recurring operating costs by 38% ON THE FIRST DAY!

About a week later, our network was interrupted, but this time by an electrical storm. We once again shined the bat signal upon Angry Dog. They were available immediately to address our problems…they were working on our issue within 14 minutes! Their customer service and quality assurance constantly assures that our organization is capable of maintaining our critical daily operations. We could have not done this without their support and extensive knowledge!

As a local business in the Atlanta community, our office wanted to extend our gratitude by providing a letter of reference for Team Angry Dog. Their professionalism and technical expertise is unparalled, and I would HIGHLY recommend them for your future business technology needs and concerns!!”

Terri Jones, Practice Administrator
Barry P. Smith Family and Cosmetic Dentristry


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