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At Angry Dog, we believe that technology can help people.  We also believe that our help should not stop there.  If a business hires us to help with their technology, we believe not only should we provide first-class assistance, but we should also share our success with others.  At Angry Dog, we truly give back.  We believe our success would not be complete without helping others realize success as well.

Some of the many ways we help give back to the community:

-We provide eligible 501(c)3 non-profit organizations with an up-front 20% discount on Angry Dog products and services.  See Industry Solutions!

-We provide a 10% business referral network, which can be used to donate directly to the eligible non-profit organization of your choice.  See Referral Network!

-We provide direct financial assistance to many eligible charities and community organizations.

-We provide free business technology and consulting to many eligible charities and community organizations.

-We provide free recycling of business technology components – see Recycling with Angry Dog!

Most recent non-profit technology assistance project – SafeRide America 2010:

For more information, or to apply for our referral program, please visit  Refer and Earn!

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