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IT Services for Non-Profits
Angry Dog Delivers IT Services for Non-Profits in a Cost-Sensitive Manner – we offer a 20% upfront discount for eligible 501(c)3 organizations.  We also offer an additional 10% cash-back rewards on eligible refferals.    If your non-profit is a membership organization instead of a charity, you may qualify for a 10% discount on our products and services as well.

The Context
Historically, non-profit organizations have been behind their corporate counterparts in adopting information technology (IT). Usually lacking the budgets to invest in the latest and greatest systems and software tools, these organizations have made a habit of “making do,” managing a patchwork of old and new elements that often don’t work well together. At the same time, dependence on these networks to manage information, communicate with staff and volunteers, perform accounting, and handle various other tasks continues to grow. The reason to move ahead is clear – the cost-savings and productivity advantages of secure, reliable, and high-performing IT networks are simply too great to ignore.

The Case Study – SafeRide America
SafeRide America is a non-profit organization formed to proactively prevent all types of impaired driving and to provide assistance to children that have lost one or both parents in an impaired driving crash or to children that have been injured by an impaired driver.

The Problem
The staff and management at SafeRide America were constantly frustrated by the inability of the current system to meet their needs.  Every day the network was going down; there were two different computer systems running independently of each other; data was getting lost; and employees could not enter or access data remotely, leaving only a paper trail for crucial data.

In order to move towards the goal of becoming a multi-functioning agency and expanding their services, they decided to adopt a new structure that was able to maximize the vast technological advances available as well as support their caring and motivating environment. Part of achieving that goal included ensuring that their information technology was current and would keep up with their growth and organization goals.

The Choice
When SafeRide America made the decision to use a professional IT services company, they interviewed a few organizations.

What made Angry Dog stand out from the rest?

With most consulting firms, you’re told what to do. Angry Dog delivered options based on what SafeRide America wanted to accomplish. We listened to their needs, presented our value clearly, left out the technology jargon no one understands (except tech industry people), and respected the goals they wanted to achieve.

Enter Angry Dog
The first task to be completed was to combine the two different networks into one cohesive network, which consolidated their servers. Old computers were replaced as the budget allowed — not the “latest and greatest,” but the best fit for the expected and needed outcome.

The most significant change for employees came when Angry Dog set up the Virtual Private Network (VPN) which gave direct access to the main network from a remote location, which saved time, increased productivity, and allowed employees to communicate with each other electronically. Along the way, there were many decisions to be made.

Angry Dog’s team of professional technical consultants worked with SafeRide America employees to strategically plan the next steps, give options, listen and fully understand the expectations of technology before a decision was ever made.

The Results
Before Angry Dog, many employees, understandably, felt that technology created more work for them. Now that a fully functioning network is in place with regular maintenance, employees see the value that technology brings to their jobs. Communication and productivity has significantly improved for SafeRides’s employees and over 1500 volunteers a year with secure email, reports and notifications that can be sent out instantaneously.

SafeRide America is looking forward to a bright future!

Non-profits should also click here to learn more about Angry Dog’s Green Technology, and how this program can benefit your organization.

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