Angry Dog, provides technology solutions for the Legal industry that support many of the emerging needs of the office environment, while also reducing the cost of internal services for firms. Included service offerings involve:

  • centralized and/or virtualized corporate infrastructures
  • data structures that support productivity and billing applications
  • network connectivity and secure remote office and application access solutions
  • document printing, scanning and management solutions


Angry Dog, provides standard and virtualized server, storage, network and availability technologies that give greater power to your applications for:

  • Billing and time management
  • Document management
  • Knowledge management


Angry Dog, centralizes document management for Legal firms. We provide specific applications and services as follows:

  • Scanning Solutions: Scan documents with wired and mobile devices: With powerful retrieval capabilities supporting full metadata down to complex document elements beyond text.
  • Printing capabilities: comprising digital watermarking and tagging, and incorporate per-page billing seamlessly into print jobs
  • Printer Maintenance Solutions: Flexible plans to ensure printer up-time
  • Disaster planning and Security: Preserve the confidentiality of original contracts and forms while ensuring that stored data is retrievable.

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