Angry Dog, provides outsourcing, consulting, systems implementation and integration and support services for healthcare, pharmaceutical, and other life sciences organizations. We have 15 years of experience in the medical information technology field, applying industry knowledge and operations improvement skills to better our clients’ healthcare delivery, administration and health maintenance services. Through our services, Angry Dog, offers industry-specific expertise to objectively evaluate, select, develop, implement and manage information systems, networks and applications.

We have served several healthcare delivery clients, including hospitals, physician organizations, home healthcare companies, skilled nursing facilities, and related providers. Rising costs for clinical and other personnel, new technologies and drugs, and a growing patient population have created new demands for cost management solutions that do not sacrifice quality of care. This is where Angry Dog, comes in, providing you with the solutions to not only meet your budgetary requirements, but also to achieve market differentiation, improve customer service and quality, manage cost and supply chains more efficiently, and optimize your information systems and processes.  Additionally, we assist clients through a full range of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and FDA compliance services.

Our goal is simple: provide economical Industry-specific IT services for customized business solutions that enable our clients to work better, faster, more effectively.


Angry Dog, focuses on industry-specific technology solutions that are secure, scalable and reliable according to best practices in the health care industry.

  • Enabling Technologies: We look to use those technologies that are proven in the industry to provide stability and efficiency while also being economical for our customers to use.
  • Compliance and Regulations: It is our job to be sure that business entities meet regulatory requirements as new laws and/or issues arise.
  • improved Service Provisioning: We understand that information technology is not the primary focus of a healthcare business. We provide our customers with the tools needed in order for them to provide the best, most economical health care services to their patients.


Our solutions enable Healthcare entities to meet governmental and regulatory requirements. We are well versed with technology needs and regulations pertaining to:


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