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SMB Support: On Demand IT Solutions – without needing a full time technical staff

Does your secretary double as your IT services technician? Are viruses and security threats killing business productivity? Do you have more than one pc permanently powered off because of recurring problems?

A majority of today’s businesses are categorized as SMBs, or small to mid sized business. Among the myriad of issues encountered by small business owners, finding the budget to hire a fulltime IT support staff proves to be among the most difficult.

Most SMB companies are outsourcing their IT needs to technology solution providers within their local community. These highly skilled professionals are experts in assessing needs and building and managing affordable and reliable technology infrastructures.

By outsourcing your technology service and support needs with Angry Dog, you can:

  • Improve the overall performance of your company’s network and notably boost workforce productivity
  • Maximize company time by eliminating time wasted attempting to troubleshoot a technical problem or deploy a new technology on your own
  • Gain peace of mind with proven technology service and support 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Save money and gain valuable business efficiencies.


Before you outsource, take a close look at what the solution provider is offering. Are they asking the right questions? Do they understand your business needs?

Angry Dog’s SMB Service offerings have been devised over the years to address these business needs at an affordable price for this market segment.

Services can be devised through an SLA (Service Level Agreement) or pre-purchased through block hours. Contact us for more information.

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