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Angry Dog Easy-to-Green Technology: The Angry Dog Technology Initiative


Applying sound environment practices to IT services just makes sense for business.  Green IT means incorporating green business technologies and practices, not only to help the environment, but also save money and improve business operations.  As a managed IT services provider, Angry Dog is committed to helping our clients and our community through our Easy-to-Green Technology Initiative.

Angry Dog VirtualGreen Office.
062609GreenServerIn an effort to help our small and medium sized business clients incorporate green strategies and move to a consolidated, virtualized environment for their technology management, we developed and integrated and packaged virtualization solutions priced for non-enterprise clients; Angry Dog VirtualGreen Office.  This is a turnkey solution that includes our design, installation, licensing, migration and training of existing IT staff if needed. Think of it like a virtual network in a box. It can live on your site or in a data center.

Recycle Old Equipment Free with Angry Dog.
Computers, monitors and other electronics contain toxic materials that can harm the environment and, according to the EPA, creates an estimated 70% of greeen_auditthe toxins found in US landfills. We can provide a smooth and easy recycling service to Angry Dog clients during upgrades and equipment decommissions with 2 easy steps free of charge;

  • Angry Dog will set up an appointment to inventory all of the electronic equipment that you wish to dispose of or provide this service during equipment upgrades.
  • Angry Dog will schedule a pickup of the equipment from your office

GreenReturn Community Outreach Program – Nonprofit Organizations Gently used PCs and other equipment  will be recycled back into the community and made available to nonprofit organizations throughout the Atlanta area.  If you are a nonprofit organization, you can contact us with your wish list, and we will distribute equipment on a first come, first serve basis.  If you are a business disposing of equipment, you can opt to designate your equipment to be recycled to the local nonprofit of choice or the next in need on our list. 

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