DownStream IT

Do you have an IT staff?  Get the Most from Your IT Resources Using DownStream IT.   Improve Your Processes and Gain Efficiencies.

Downstream IT provides full visibility into critical project management functions so that IT managers can gain tighter control of network issues and improve response times. The capacity for handling service and support, project management, and business development increases dramatically and time-consuming, routine tasks become automated so that important information is readily accessible.

 With DownStream IT, several key function enhancements enable IT managers to better monitor project progress and manage workloads to ensure maximum productivity through out the work day.

  • Service Board – Immediate insight into the scope and significance of open IT issues is provided in order to more effectively prioritize projects. Results may then be delivered based on what’s most important to stakeholders.
  • Dispatch Portal – Resources are organized so that IT managers immediately see which staff members are fully, over or under utilized, helping maximize staff resources and monitor important project milestones. 
  • Reports – Detailed, key metrics of both employee and department performance validate the IT department’s contributions. Additionally, it becomes easy to identify where improvements are needed, or to provide direction for replicating past successes in new arenas.
  • Projects – Insight into strategic company initiatives allow IT managers to more effectively work to meet key deadlines and business objectives.
  • Configurations – Visibility into to fixed IT assets lets managers know exactly how systems are integrated — providing optimized utilization, functionality and performance. Ultimately the IT department becomes the model of efficiency for your entire company.

DownStream IT dramatically streamlines workflow and exponentially expands the capabilities of IT department’s resources. Department heads can do more with the resources at hand and that wish list moves front and center of your attention.

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