Bill Shrink

Bill Shrink is a free cost-savings tool that works continuously to save you money on your everyday expenses. Given the vast number of complex offers and plans, such as those from the major mobile carriers, business phone line companies, internet service providers, utility vendors, tech support gurus, and credit card issuers, chances are pretty good you’re paying more than you need to.

We make it simple to compare what you’ve got to what they’re offering. And if you’re like most people, that means significant savings. Isn’t that just how things on the Web should be?

 Incredibly useful, simple and free.

Phone Bills

Internet Bills

Utility Bills

Wireless Bills

Tech Support Bills

Payroll Expenses

Office Supply Bills

Insurance Bills

ANGRY DOG customers save an average of 44% per year!

It’s essential that our money-saving recommendations are trusted by the people with whom we do business…that’s you. And, because you expect honest, transparent information when it comes to your money, we strive for the highest level of objectivity and accuracy.


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